Eyescope 60mm Aperture Solar Eclipse Filter Solar Filter Baader Planetarium Astrosolar for 92mm 3 58 quot Front End Outer Diameter in Optical Filters from Tools

Eyescope 60mm Aperture Solar Eclipse Filter Solar Filter Baader Planetarium Astrosolar for 92mm 3 58 quot Front End Outer Diameter in Optical Filters from Tools
Eyescope 60mm Aperture Solar Eclipse Filter Solar Filter Baader Planetarium Astrosolar for 92mm 3 58 quot Front End Outer Diameter in Optical Filters from Tools
Eyescope 60mm Aperture Solar Eclipse Filter Solar Filter Baader Planetarium Astrosolar for 92mm 3 58 quot Front End Outer Diameter in Optical Filters from Tools
Eyescope 60mm Aperture Solar Eclipse Filter Solar Filter Baader Planetarium Astrosolar for 92mm 3 58 quot Front End Outer Diameter in Optical Filters from Tools

Product Specification

Model Number: 60mm Aperture Solar Eclipse Filter

Size: 92mm(3.58") Front End Outer Diameter

Use: Astronomy

Brand Name: Eyescope

--The Solar Filter is for Telescope/Spotting Scope/ Astronomy Binocular front end outer diameter from 92mm(3.58").
--With this filter the Sun will be of a neutral, eye-pleasing white color. See sunspots, eclipses, and planetary transits of the Sun safely with your
telescope and this filter.
--Made with high-quality, streak-free and blister-free Baader Astro Solar Safety Film.
--Optical density: 5.0
--CAUTION: Never look at the Sun, either directly or through a telescope, without a professionally made protective solar filter installed that
completely covers the front of the instrument, or permanent eye damage could result.
Package Include
1X Solar Filter

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The scale and directions are same as in the figure 4. from publication: Solar ... The 60 mm aperture etalon with a free spectral range of 4.22 and finesse of 26 at = 6122 has .... The Multi-application Solar Telescope is a 50 cm off-axis Gregorian ...

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